A wine tasting experience like no other

Wine tasting should be fun. An exploration for the senses.
A way to understand what's in your glass.

Quini is a wine tasting app that helps you do just that. Notice more. Taste more. And yes, it's possible, enjoy wine even more.

Create wine reviews that reflect your tastes

No pretense. No jargon. Quini engages you with all aspects of the wine experience. That means you notice details you may not have considered. You discover intuitive words to explain what you're tasting and smelling. You create visually rich reviews that reflect your personal tastes.

What is a bloom?

Each petal is a facet of the tasting experience that teaches you the language of wine.

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Android users hold on tight, it's coming soon. A French version is on the way as well!

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Quini is a revolutionary wine rating system developed by wine industry experts. Why does it exist? Because we think it should be easier for people to explore and taste new wines.

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