A wine tasting experience like no other

Wine tasting should be fun. An exploration for the senses.
A way to understand what's in your glass.

Quini is the new wine tasting standard. A wine rating app that helps you notice more. Taste more.

And yes, it's possible, enjoy wine even more.

Create & Share your own wine reviews

No pretense. No jargon. Each petal of the Quini bloom is a facet of the tasting experience that expands your knowledge and appreciation of wine.

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Here's What People Are Saying

“Great App for wine enthusiasts. Easy to use and a great way to keep track of the wines you’ve tasted. Love it!” -Quini Member

“…this is exactly what I was looking for in an interactive system to teach my students about wine descriptors.” -Tanisha Townsend of @girlmeetsglass

“With Quini handling the flavor profile, my posts will shift from listing flavors to using metaphors to paint a fuller picture of the wine.” -Rebecca Gomez Farrell of @TheGourmez

“Are you looking for a process to make ALL your wine tastings consistent? The Quini App is the solution!” -Tom Joe of The Vineyard Trail

“The Quini app has completely changed the way I take wine tasting notes, rate wines and blog.” -Kayla Koroush of @CABarrelThief

“Quini has instantly positioned us for success with today’s increasingly digital consumer.” -Mark Lenzi, CSW, CSS, CWAS and proprietor, Franklin Liquors and Wine Club

“Great App for wine enthusiasts. Easy to use and a great way to keep track of the wines you’ve tasted. Love it!” -Anonymous Quini Member

“Finally I can keep up to my wine snob boyfriend”. -Anonymous Quini Member

“I only like certain types of wine and this will help me find new versions in a systematic way!” -Quini Member

“Fun, easy to use app that is user friendly and a great way to record tasting notes.” -Quini Member

“I used to use pen and paper but this does so much more. Can’t wait to get more recommendations.” -Quini Member

“Very easy to use and lets you review wines in an easy and consistent way. Recommend for anyone that is into, or wants to get into wine.” -Quini Member

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