What’s in a bloom?

With beautiful graphics, Quini guides you through a fun and easy interactive tasting. The five-petal Quini flower describes wines by using colourful petals.

Each petal rates a different aspect of your wine experience



The height rates how good each aspect is



The width describes its character

At the end of your review, a unique bloom captures the wine's quality and character in a beautiful image.

Every bloom rating is unique, reflecting each reviewer's personal tastes.

The more you rate, the more you notice

Quini provides intuitive words and descriptors to explain what you're tasting and smelling. The more you review, the more you notice.

Recommend your favourite wines to friends

Share your review blooms to let people know which wines you love, and which ones you're happy to forget.

Why not try it out now? It's easy.

As you rate wines, Quini learns your tastes in detail and builds a comprehensive profile for recommending new wines that you'll love. Sort of like having a personal wine steward.

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